Curious George: Let's Get Curious!

Coming October 2011

In Curious George™: Let’s Get Curious!, children can let curiosity and inquiry be their guides.  They will explore familiar buildings and locales from the Curious George books and television series on PBS KIDS in Curious George: Let’s Get Curious!  The exhibit presents key concepts in science, math and engineering, which are woven and layered throughout the exhibit.  Activities invite children to learn like George – through direct experience and problem solving! 

What you'll see and learn inside the exhibit:

Apartment Building: Operate wheels to move George on pulleys from window to window. Climb the fire escape and climb inside to play with color, light and shadow.

Sidewalk Produce Stand: Play customer or salesperson and explore shape, sorting, weighing and counting with fruit and vegetables.

Construction Site: Design a building, make use of a bounty of building materials and get to work constructing different structures and using machines to move materials.

Mini Golf: Use pipes, ramps, funnels, turntables, bumpers and force to experiment with physics and engineering as you putt through three holes of mini golf.

Farm: Take a vacation to the country and visit the farm. Experience cause and effect and use wind power to move yard art like whirligigs, windmills, windsocks, and wind chimes. Build your own whirligig and care for the farm animals.

Five Takeaways from Curious George:

  • Children explore Science and Math every day, learning about cause and effect, and teaching themselves how to explore and learn
  • It's fun to build with different shapes and sizes to study cause and effect
  • People use simple machines to get work done
  • Adults and children can enjoy science exploration together – try building together at home with “found” objects
  • Curious George is brave – he takes risks and tries new ideas and ways to learn . . . You can be brave like George and have fun experimenting

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